About Data Engineering & Analytics

Data engineering is a critical field within the broader domain of data science and data analytics. It focuses on the practical aspects of collecting, transforming, organizing data for analysis, storage and retrieval.
Caprium Inc, utilizes various techniques, tools for processing and analyzing large sets of data, often with the aim of making data-driven business or research decisions. We offer a comprehensive kit of Data Analytics and Reporting Services to convert our customers’ historical and real-time, traditional and big data into actionable insights. We provide data analytics on-premises and cloud solutions as per the clients needs.

Caprium is an experienced data engineering company. We help companies across the globe make the most of the data they process every day and enable the enterprises to solve their data challenges and improve end user experience. A comprehensive kit of our services include:

Our Services

Data Integrations / ETL

Data integrations and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) are essential for businesses to leverage their data as organizations deal with many data sources, including cloud services, social media, IoT and on-premises apps.
We at Caprium ensure that data is accessible, actionable, reliable by combining data from various sources and making it accessible for data analytics and decision making. Our data
engineering team transforms raw data into meaningful, easily digestible information, empowering individuals and organizations to make informed decisions.

Data Extraction

Have Authentic Information extracted from valid resources and we are here to assist you via plenty of thoughtful and unique web scraping methods. As our company carries out the process to restore important details from a variety of sources.

Our automation tools are impeccable which ensures tailoring data scraping requirements with no errors and least complexity.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing services provide organizations with the infrastructure and tools to store, manage and analyze large volumes of data from various sources in a centralized repository.

A data warehouse centralizes and consolidates large amounts of data from multiple resources and we at Caprium through our analytical capabilities allow organizations to derive valuable business insights from their data to improve decision-making.

Data Visualizations

Data visualization helps reveal critical data to business users via intuitive visuals. Caprium offers data visualization advisory, implementation and support services which will enable you to transform large and complex datasets into appealing visuals to answer your specific business questions and make data driven decisions.

Data Management

Organizations are looking to grow and innovate! And as new disruptive technologies are both making and breaking them, we at Caprium offer a new way to embed continuous advantage to our clients with a structured and consistent way to capture, clean up data, correct data defects and address data de-duplication, dummy data.

Data Scraping

Data Scraping

Increase revenue, improve company efficiency or solve other data enrichment tasks with Caprium’s data scraping services. Our experienced data engineers set up scapers to extract and analyze valuable business, product information from thousands of web pages daily.

Ready to take your business to a new level with our effective Data Engineering and Analytics offerings, Contact us today and we will assist you in delivering the best solutions for your business.


Case Studies

BI solution

Caprium successfully addressed the business requirement of enhancing decision-making within Marketing and Sales for client’s internal stakeholders by delivering a user-friendly Business Intelligence solution. This involved the development of custom dashboards and reports utilizing Tableau and the Matillion ETL tool, catering to organization’s specific marketing and sales data needs. Furthermore, Caprium consistently provided valuable insights and findings on a monthly basis, offering Month-over-Month (MoM) and Year-over-Year (YoY) reports to support informed decision-making.

Financial dashboard solution

In response to the business scenario of creating a pre-packaged financial dashboard solution for Oracle Financials ERP, Caprium has provided a solution by developing tailored dashboards and reports using PowerBI and Tableau, addressing critical areas such as Account Receivables, Account Payables, General Ledger, Order Management and Purchasing. This solution offers a powerful toolset to enhance financial data analysis and reporting within the Oracle Financials ERP system.

Data Mart solution

Client needed a three-tier architecture solution encompassing a source layer, reconciliation layer and data warehouse layer, Caprium provided a solution that involved the development of ETL jobs utilizing Talend to reconcile data from diverse source systems, leading to the creation of a centralized data repository. Additionally, the team delivered a Data Mart solution that facilitated the presentation of client-specific data within the Portal applications, ensuring seamless data consolidation and accessibility across various systems.

Sports Management Platform

In response to the business scenario of developing a comprehensive Sports Management platform encompassing member registration, tournament registration, player rankings and player dashboards, Caprium partnered with USA Badminton to devise a robust solution. This involved consolidating data from various sources into a centralized repository, enabling the transformation of this data into a dynamic Reports & Ranking Engine using Power BI and Alteryx. Furthermore, the solution integrated these insightful reports seamlessly into a web application, ensuring an efficient and holistic sports management experience for users.

Healthtech Performance Dashboard

Addressing requirement from a SaaS Healthtech client for constructing performance dashboards; Caprium designed and implemented an end-to-end solution that involved the creation of a data warehouse utilizing Talend ETL. As well as the development of interactive dashboards and informative reports using PowerBI, ensuring the client had a robust system in place for monitoring and analyzing their performance data.