About Recruitment & Placement

We find out top-tier talents by following a complete recruitment process. We ensure a world class recruitment solution and make you hassle free.
An organization without adequate employees resembles food without salt. A company can not exist without employees as they have huge contributions to manage the daily operation systems. We make the process easier by hiring the right candidate for your organization. Skilled and knowledgeable candidates help to run an organization smoothly.
The team dedicatedly works to simplify the candidate selection process. An efficient team is capable of giving their best output for any existing organization.
Our hiring experts select the best employees who must-have skill-sets for various positions. We streamline your hiring process with a proven recruitment strategy.

Our Services


We manage the long process including interviews, shortlisting the potential candidates. Our focus is to find out the well vetted employees who can serve the best for our client’s company.


Experience the ease of securing employment with our outstanding job placement services, designed to simplify your journey and make the process notably effortless and stress-free.

BOT - Build, Operate & transfer

If you are looking for a partner to set up a team or your business under BOT mode, you have reached the right team. We at Caprium have experience in providing services under the BOT model for staffing, placement and HR shared services.

Connect with us today to enhance your organization’s talent acquisition journey. Let our Recruitment & Placement Services elevate your performance and optimize customer service to effective staffing and placement solutions.

Case Studies

Resourcing South African Healthtech

South Africa based major Health-tech client needed to establish an offshore team in India and Caprium team  meticulously began selecting candidates with the requisite skills and initiating the onboarding process. The roles encompassed a Leads and Senior Software Developers and having technology  proficiencies like Java Full Stack, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Kubernetes and Containerization.

Staffing For Telecom Firm’s Federal Client

Caprium addressed the US-based telecom firm‘s specific requirement for GC/US Citizen candidates to support their US Federal client. We swiftly mobilized the team where they embarked on an intensive recruitment drive, sourcing an extensive pool of candidate profiles, rigorously screening them and conducting initial technical interviews. Among the 70+ first-level selections, the client was able to finalize 10 candidates for critical roles, including Senior Director of Engineering, Architect, Senior Developer, Data Engineer and Test Engineer. The technology expertise covered C, C++, DSP, Tableau, SQL, Angular and more, ensuring a tailored and comprehensive solution to the client’s staffing needs.

US Based Agritech Firm’s Captive Setup In India

US-based Agritech client was seeking to establish a captive presence in India through a partnership for core team development under a BOT model. Caprium offered a comprehensive solution to the client to onboard the core team, efficiently managing processes like sourcing, screening, the first tech round and coordinating the second client round. We handled over 60 job offer rollouts alongwith background verification on behalf of the client. 25 full-time employees joined the offshore center, complemented by additional contractors. Caprium also ran payroll for the initial six months before transitioning responsibilities to the client’s team, providing necessary HR services throughout. The roles onboarded included a Managing Director, Software Development Manager, Product Owner, Software Engineer, ETL Developer and Test Engineer, with technology expertise spanning Microsoft Asp, .Net, SSIS and more.