Adding value to businesses with technical innovations


We’re motivated by how innovators and business leaders can rise above the mundane by making things easier, smarter, and more effective. We have assisted many enterprises in gaining a competitive advantage and achieving extraordinary levels of success for more than a decade.

We strive to make our processes as simple and straightforward as possible for you, as a customer-oriented company. We adhere to industry best practices and are committed to delivering the best-in-class and timely results you need from your development partner. We put a strong emphasis on providing safe and dependable solutions with long-term value that enable our customers to focus on their core business goals.

The confidence and support that our clients have placed in us fuels our efforts. We have diligently served and have had success stories in industries such as E-commerce, Life Sciences, Education, Marketing, Fintech, and Telecom.



1. Expertise

We hire the best and brightest technical talent and empower them with robust agile engineering processes. Our engineers have knowledge of a variety of languages like Java, C++, RoR, PHP, Python, etc., and have worked with a wide range of platforms, IDEs, APIs, databases, and frameworks.

2. Agility

Our dedicated team is quick and always ready to engage in a project. We utilize ingrained Agile development methodology which allows us to easily scale up or down to meet the needs of our clients. More than half of our projects utilize Agile methodology. This empowers us to quickly finish projects and deliver them on time.

3. Security

We offer a secure environment for your projects at every level including. We make sure our client’s IP is well-protected. We also conduct audits and internal training to update our staff members with the latest security processes. We are proud to have served our clients and completed all our projects without a security-related complaint.


Engagement Model

    1. Find out the needs and demands of the clients
    2. Get information on industry standards and competitors
    3. Get customer data 
    4. Develop business proposal
    1. Find targeted segments
    2. Set objectives and develop processes
    3. Find points for improvement
    4. Prioritize the activities
    1. Set prototype parameters
    2. Fix budget
    3. Finalize requirements
    4. Implement and check the prototype
    5. Observe and track results
    6. Modify strategies if required
    1. Check repercussions of strategies
    2. Develop support services
    3. Devise an action plan
    4. Support and maintenance


Business Model

We offer our clients the flexibility of changing specifications based on future market trends through our resources business model. This model applies to projects that have not yet been clearly defined in their initial stage of development. The customer shall pay an hourly fee for development which is mutually agreed upon at the time of signing of the contract. 

For projects defined in specific terms of their requirements, schedules and projects, we follow a fixed-priced business model. In accordance with this business model, we are working with our customers to define their expected results in order to establish a mutually agreed fixed price. We use this model to develop the dedication to resources in areas where we have domain expertise and precisely defined assessment processes. 

We also offer different dynamic pricing models as all projects are different. The perfect combination of structure and flexibility combination is offered by dynamic models.

Our offshore development model offers our clients the flexibility to choose dedicated experts if required. Subject matter experts may be assigned to the customer for a specified project duration on request with equally affordable terms.