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Caprium provides LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) development and LAMP application development services to convince a variety of client requirements. Our LAMP developer has completed the development and deployed several LAMP solutions for different industry verticals similar to E-commerce, retail, and hospitality.

For custom web development,application development and website development LAMP is an extensively used, complimentary, open source platform. LAMP includes Linux, Apache, My SQL, and PHP. It is a mixture of diverse technologies that are typically used to describe web server infrastructure. LAMP is a platform independent programming, therefore LAMP improvement based web applications are supported by approximately every web browser.

Caprium uses LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) programming for delivery of web applications and solutions in a dynamic, robust, high performance and scalable way. We have the awareness, expertise, capacity and above all the knowledge necessary for website development.

Our skilled team of LAMP developer with their mind and inventiveness thrives to convey interactive and easy to use web applications and web solutions. Our LAMP development group completely understands client necessities to convey web solutions that precisely meet up client necessities. We also offer team of enthusiastic LAMP development where client has an absolute control over the improvement phase of project and developers openly account to the client about the condition of project.

We propose tradition LAMP application development services for web application development, web portal development, and modify website development and for several of your custom requirements. Our custom-made applications absolutely emphasize client core business areas to assist exploit ROI. Our LAMP developer’s are proficient in increasing characteristic rich and composite web applications from scrape.

Our client’s range from youthful entrepreneurs having little business requirements to large-scale business organizations with compound needs. We have formed projects of expenses from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. We always seek to convey outstanding LAMP solutions at realistic expenses.

Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP Development Services categorized under Caprium are:
  • Ecommerce Websites.
  • Web Portals.
  • Content Management System.
  • Social Networking Sites.
  • Business Application.
  • Online Booking.
  • Book Keeping System.

We are just as at ease with designing and creating custom applications from scrape. This Open Source software is altering IT in a primary method with standard growing opposition by linking their developers straightforwardly. LAMP technology enables any person to observe and expand the source code. This procedure has resulted in applications.

Caprium has realized the exceptional technology grouping with extremely reliable, safe and sound and high-performance profit. Thus Caprium has displayed creditable proficiency in implementing significant solutions in LAMP projects for a variety of businesses. Caprium has an established and flexible capability sufficient to be utilized for small, medium and large applications similar. We recommend project development, upholding and maintain of LAMP-based applications.

Web Technologies

Caprium uses the following web technologies in Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP Projects

  • Web 2.0 solutions.
  • Flash Action Scripting.
  • Ajax.
  • Web services.
  • JSON.
  • XML.
  • SVG.
  • Interaction with payment gateways.
  • Open source javascript activewidget.
  • Javascript overlib.
  • CSS.
  • Email clients.
  • EXTJS library.
  • JQuery.

Our technological skill set and expertise in PHP

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