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IT integration or system integration refers to the productive, structured, and agile connectivity of data, apps, APIs, and devices throughout your organization. Integration is essential for transforming businesses because it enables all systems to cooperate and work together. Integration not only improves connectivity but also creates new features by connecting functions of different systems.

We are the premier systems integrator company that offers you the most comprehensive list of integration services. We provide integration services with a focus on the development of new business values and the improvement of IT infrastructure. We offer technical advice, preparation, validation, processing of data, and software integration services.

We are of the opinion that the long-term development and usefulness of distributed apps could be obstructed by traditional integration methodology where centralized teams work with outdated technologies. Additionally, traditional integration technologies such as the ESB rely on one single team to establish integration processes for the whole company.

We utilize an easily usable integration platform that supports everything from basic everyday requirements, API management, and automation to complex workflows, allowing you to focus on the important aspects of the business.


Why should you choose us?

There are numerous advantages of using Caprium’s integration services for the development of interface and efficient exchange of information. Some of them are:

  • Experienced and skilled team.
  • On-time delivery at no extra cost.
  • Reduction in infrastructure costs.
  • Improved accuracy of processes.
  • Better connectivity between business apps.
  • Less burden on infrastructure and database management.
  • Improved portability and access to technology.
  • Complimentary consultation.


What do we offer?

1. Integration of Apps

We help you easily Integrate apps with messages, publish/subscribe messaging, and APIs in real-time.

2. Integration of Processes 

Our process integration service enables you to automate business and user processes throughout your app landscape. Easily automate cloud and on-site business processes and user workflows.

3. Transformation of Data

Our data transformation service allows you to connect, assemble, filter, aggregate data from various sources, put results to files, databases, or any other system that is supported.

4. Cleaning and Standardization of Data

You can standardize, re-validate, enrich, clean, and match your data according to your needs and requirements. We also enable you to switch easily between configuration to testing and deployment.

5. Processing of Data

Our data processing service allows you to easily transform your data and quickly add it to your project. Due to integration with the data catalog, you can find and import the correct data easily.

6. Masking of Data

With the help of our data masking service, you can mask data consistently, create data for test situations, and transfer anonymous data to the cloud.

7. Enrichment and Validation of External Data

Connect modules with the Augment your data, get it validated, and easily connect to third parties with our data enrichment and validation service.

8. Removal of Duplicate Data

Our deduplication service allows you to identify duplicate files while integrating data through AI-based algorithms.

9. Infrastructure Modernization

As part of system integration or legacy apps renewal services, we provide infrastructure modernization services.

10. Solution Design

We provide personalized software development and implementation service for integration purposes.

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