With the help of a cross-functional, workshop-based methodology to leverage industry best practices and academic study excellence, Caprium provides market and technological innovation. We deliver assisted broad and complex business structures over prolonged periods through the creation of reliable, low-risk processes for software support, maintenance, and improvement. Caprium has assisted numerous prominent companies and organizations in fashion, manufacturing, processing, education, and professional services sectors for over a decade in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementation.

With extensive experience in Oracle and Microsoft technology, our highly capable and driven team has gained invaluable domain knowledge and expertise in various sectors. Our developers and engineers have considerable experience in designing broad and dynamic software solutions for corporate resource planning in outsourcing models. 

Why ERP is important?

ERP software is used to manage several business processes. Some of the main benefits of ERP software are:

1. More savings

ERP unifies several processes in your company that might currently be scattered. Your staff members use their time more effectively through the unification of systems. By removing the need to train users on many programs, your company saves money with ERP. This decreases not only the cost of training but also the logistical effort.

2. Better systems collaboration

ERP enables you to provide your business with a single source of information to work from. This reduces errors due to incorrect data processing and reduces costs further. Any lag in the projects is minimized by a central database because all members of the team have access to the data they need. Furthermore, you don’t need to combine information between separate systems or sources. Since all of the data is compiled, stored, exchanged, and accessed from one system, you don’t have to worry whether the data files are correct, complete, or protected.

3. Improved analytics and reporting

A central knowledge database also helps to enhance your analytics and reporting. ERP is an excellent tool for business intelligence as it records and stores all inputs of users, If your supplier has strong functionality, ERP software enables your team to develop various reports. With an ERP, reports that take days can be reviewed and compiled in minutes.

4. Increased productivity

An ERP can automate most of your tasks if you choose the right solution. The ERP software database removes repetitive tasks such as data inputs and enables the device to carry out advanced calculations in minutes. This saves time so that your staff can do more meaningful tasks and increases ROI in terms of work. ERP increases the performance, productivity, and profitability of the company.

5. Customer management

Cost-oriented products and services are the best way to increase customer loyalty. Most ERPs are fitted with or can easily be incorporated with a tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Your CRM offers access to data during business with an ERP. A built-in CRM will provide you with details like order history and billing information, along with contact details. This enables your team to holistically view your customers to better understand their needs. The enhanced customer visibility allows you to formulate your sales plan for better lead generation.

ERP Services

1. Consultation and review

We determine licensing components and IT prerequisites. We assess your needs and develop a business case that satisfies them. We assess the right solution via targeted demonstrations. We also help you in finalizing the ERP project plan.

2. Application

We perform mapping & configuration of business processes. We develop, design, and test customizations. We perform end-user training and acceptance testing. We also offer documentation services for GAP analysis.

3. Integration

We offer integration with legacy and LOB applications, integration with Microsoft Office & SharePoint, and implementation and integration of third-party apps.

4. Testing and support

We provide ERP roll-out support throughout the enterprise, product support for Microsoft-released hotfixes and patches, and improvements for optimized and/or tailored interfaces. 



Two of the most important aspects of any company are gaining customer loyalty and increasing revenue. In addition to generating growth and profitability, front office operations like sales, marketing, and customer service often contribute to more consumers’ attractiveness and delight. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) makes your client the center of business processes, workflows, and events of your company. A customer-centric company has good relationships with its clients, makes more educated and better decisions based on real-time marketing and sales data, and creates an unforgettable user experience.

Caprium’s strategic consulting, CRM implementation, deployment, and training strategies help businesses easily reinvent the processes and technology of the front office to involve more consumers and to deliver better sales results. Our team has the experience and expertise to configure, apply, customize, and support leading CRM technologies. Our customized CRM solutions can assist you in managing your consumer interactions better. Our competent and qualified team understands your needs and delivers intuitive, easy-to-use, and productive solutions.

CRM Services

1. Strategic consultation

Our CRM team brings together business knowledge, functional experience, and technological expertise to improve the front office operations of an organization with the right approach leading to sales growth and stronger relations. We understand the business processes, priorities, and goals which enables us to come up with the right CRM plan to fulfill all your business needs. By automating day-to-day sales, marketing, and services processes, our experts help you to engage clients and provide real-time data visibility, better tools, and strong insights and forecasting capabilities.

2. Application and customization

Our CRM practice is powered by seasoned experts with a deep functional and technological background in various CRM products and vertical industries with distinct domain knowledge. In conjunction with Microsoft’s Sure Stage methodology, we deliver CRM projects using well-defined agile methodologies. We also offer extensive CRM integration services to improve efficiency by delivering customer data wherever needed. Our technical advisors have the expertise to link your CRM to existing portals, ERP, and other company applications.

3. Data migration

We understand the vital nature of data quality and have comprehensive know-how on data migration from conventional sources and related systems to CRM platforms. We utilize techniques to remove duplication and ETL tools to help you move data either into on-site or cloud-supported environments. Our team is highly skilled in Microsoft Dynamics and

4. CRM analytics

The primary goal of CRM analytics is to draw out prominent behavioral patterns and predictions from the data and information taken from different CRM operating systems. This accelerates the decision-making process for internal purposes.

5. CRM for social media

Social media CRM enables you to integrate social media tools to improve customer interaction. Caprium helps you to better manage client interaction in a way that does not neglect your customer, whether it is customer reaction measurement or facilitation of conversation. This helps you in improving the user experience.

6. CRM for mobile

Our personalized mobile CRM solutions allow your team members to communicate and update customer data on their mobile devices. Our solutions offer a convenient and flexible way to integrate your team which is spread across multiple locations.

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