Enterprise Mobility

As one of the leading enterprise mobility service providers in the industry, we assimilate the latest trends in mobile technology, engagement methods, and systems integration. Our mission is to provide customers with business value that lasts beyond the current market cycle. We create and execute perfect enterprise mobility by nullifying security risks and multi-platform complications. Our enterprise mobility solutions will transform your business by enhancing the productivity of your team and creating a surreal user experience.

Caprium supports leading businesses to redefine their consumer value and business overreach by leveraging enterprise mobility management services. We incorporate our experience as an enterprise mobility management provider and our expertise in mobile technology to improve business gains. Whether it’s a small company or a large corporation, our enterprise mobility solutions for businesses allow businesses to judiciously implement the right technologies and frameworks.

With Caprium’s enterprise mobility services, you can:

  • Increase business productivity
  • Effectively share devices and data
  • Create a unique user experience
  • Streamline your operations to increase revenue


Why choose us?

  • We adapt to changing technologies by updating ourselves with the latest innovations in mobile applications, programming, and online platforms.
  • We take advantage of the current trends in enterprise mobility to minimize risk and maximize ROI.
  • Our skilled team of professionals delivers quality and fast solutions.
  • We transform your business effectively, increase the productivity of your organization, build an exclusive client experience, and enrich customer ties.


We follow an ingenious roadmap to mobilize your enterprise –

Mobility evaluation → Planning and strategy → UI/UX design → Development → Testing → Application distribution → Help and support


What do we offer?

1. Mobility strategy creation and consultation

We work closely with you to create a transformation roadmap that will be compatible with your mobility ventures from design to execution. This includes addressing important factors about your mobility readiness, application requirements, ROI goals, etc.

2. UI/UX design

We incorporate UX design practices including development activities at all phases of the app development lifecycle. We focus on the needs of users and make it a key element in the entire app development process. Our UI design services help our clients build a sturdy and scalable user experience that maximizes their ROI and thus fulfills their business objectives.

3. Enterprise scalability solutions

Utilize our expertise and groundbreaking technology stack to develop and deploy personalized and scalable enterprise mobile apps. 

4. Back-end integration services

We provide all-inclusive business application integration services for seamless implementation and functioning of business apps with other SaaS and local applications used by the company.

5. Mobile application analytics

We offer custom mobile app analytics services that help identify success metrics, app health status, app revenue matrix, user interaction, and retargeting by gathering, consolidating, and analyzing data from mobile apps.

6. Enterprise app upgrade

We conduct a thorough examination of your existing enterprise application infrastructure and upgrade with the help of cutting-edge technology and tools.

7. Testing and support

We maintain optimum standards of app quality by thoroughly testing every parameter, starting from the app’s usability to its performance.

8. Sales solutions for mobile devices

Our enterprise sales solutions for mobile devices enable your team to access all necessary client information and manage the sales process and campaigns on the go.

9. HR management services

Our HR management services will help you increase the productivity of your HR department, effectively manage your employee attendance, the recruitment process, salary information, payroll details, and more.

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    Caprium helps companies to redefine their processes and increase the overall output. We, at Caprium, build relations with our clients that help them improve their business.

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