Why do you need digital branding? Well, if you’re a small business owner, you need it to expand your business and get more customers. If you’re already a famous local brand, you need it to promote your business globally.

The need for digital branding has increased steadily over the years. So, every business, whether big or small, needs an online presence. And that is where we come in.

We are the one-stop shop for all your digital branding needs. We create an online presence for your brand and make it recognizable. We are the premier digital branding service providers because we understand branding. It is how people come to know about you and your business, so branding is extremely important. 

When people hear your company’s name, your brand is the first thing that they think of. As we understand branding, we understand consumers. 


How do we do it?

Every brand is perceived uniquely at Caprium. We understand the interests of the customers. 

We believe that digital branding should maximize marketers’ promotions and raise their profits. With this belief, our innovative team utilizes creative strategies to help businesses in improving and expanding their brands.

We expand your brand in five ingenious steps –

1. Understand your digital branding needs

We brainstorm and analyze your digital branding needs. Through our analysis, we find the answers to queries like what are your needs, what kind of branding services you require, what products and services are you offering, who are your competitors, and more.

2. Identify your ideal consumers

Through strategic planning and resources, we identify your ideal customers, their needs and requirements, their preferences, their mode of engagement, and others. We utilize Google Analytics audience reporting and Facebook Audience insights to create your ideal consumer persona.

3. Create your brand’s presence

We leverage cutting-edge tools and apps to develop your brand’s presence in the form of a logo and website. We create a logo that is not overly complicated, memorable and leaves a lasting impression on consumers. We develop a website that is elegant, engaging, user-friendly, and consistent with your logo.

4. Initiate online marketing campaigns to improve your popularity

We strategically develop and deploy online marketing campaigns to increase the reach of your brand and increase its popularity. This includes brand promotion on social media channels, partnerships, and influencer marketing.

5. Test and make adjustments to the campaigns as required

Our support doesn’t stop once the campaign is launched. Our experts closely monitor the online campaigns to check their impact. We make sure that the online campaigns are generating desired results by making adjustments and any other changes if required. We also monitor conversion rates to find out which strategies are working and which are not.


The services we offer

1. Email marketing

Our email marketing strategies provide an amazing ROI. Our email marketing campaigns generate an open rate of 30-35% which is more than the average 20%. This is far higher than the digital advertising click rate. We utilize a CRM tool to create marketing plans which allow us to use more targeted emails.

2. Online ad campaigns

We offer online advertisement services at affordable prices. We let our clients choose from pay-per-click or flat rates options. Through ad campaigns on Google and other search engines, we target your ideal customer and expand your client base. 

3. Influencer marketing

Our experts utilize the latest trend in marketing to promote your brand which is influencer marketing. We collaborate with social media influencers with a dedicated following to promote your brand in the form of recommendations. With influencer marketing strategies, we are able to promote your brand in several niche markets.

4. Social media marketing

We leverage social media marketing strategies to effectively promote your brand across all social media platforms and increase lead generation. Our social media experts create a digital presence of your brand which attracts customers from all social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Our social media marketing approach also includes conducting surveys and polls for feedback, encouraging cross-channel promotions, and creating branded hashtags. 

5. Content marketing

We offer content marketing solutions that not only provide captivating content to your audience but also streamline how it is created and presented. We make sure that the content reflects your brand and is engaging at the same time. Our content marketing team churns out exclusive content for your brand which will not only retain your existing customers but also attract more.

6. SEO

Our premium SEO services guarantee the best rankings in SERPs. Our SEO solutions include website analysis, keyword research, and competitor analysis. In-depth research and analysis allow us to improve your ranking and generate more organic traffic. We also offer SEO consulting services.

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