All the organizations across the globe, big or small, are undergoing a radical transformation currently. As the need for virtualization of businesses continues to grow, businesses are facing challenges in adjusting to the changing norms. It is no easy task to guarantee the right technical infrastructure and many organizations lack the required resources to handle this enormous change effectively and efficiently. This has led to an increase in the demand for proper infrastructure management for businesses.

IT infrastructure encompasses all components and elements supporting data and information access functions and management along with other services. IT infrastructure is like construction infrastructure since it requires physical elements to enable users’ activities and facilities that support business functions. It is made up of applications that support important functions, app hosting servers, and data centers housing the servers. It also includes networking infrastructure that offers convenient access to business apps and servers.

Caprium, as a DevOps services provider, has some of the most outstanding credentials in the IT services vendor market. We have not only provided nuanced work on IT transformation but have also assisted several businesses with the delivery of efficient IT infrastructure services. We have been recognized as a pioneer in key DevOps services by leading independent analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Everest, and others. We have a proven track record of efficient, complex delivery, customer loyalty, and creative solutions. Caprium offers the expertise, skills, and necessary resources for designing, operating, and managing the next-gen infrastructure.

Caprium provides the requisite resources and support for the complete digital transformation of your business. We provide resources to connect the evolving and competitive patterns of technology to your company’s business goals. Caprium has enabled companies of various sizes and complexions to keep up with their infrastructure and its requirements by employing a model that is both predictable and affordable. Our process-oriented approach helps us to generate results beyond expectations by understanding the applications and infrastructure of our clients.


How Caprium can help you?

The majority of global tech analysts agree that businesses face a range of obstacles related to IT infrastructure. Computing platforms, data collection, compute provisioning and management, data storage architectures, data analytics, and networks and connectivity are some of the areas which pose challenges. Take a look at some of the most important DevOps issues that your business could face in the future and how Caprium can help you resolve them.

  • Problems with data acquisition

We offer high-performance computing capabilities that can handle large data sets and resources to connect dispersed teams. We also utilize high-speed networks to capture, process, and store data in more advanced ways.

  • Inadequate data management and provisioning

We leverage distributive structures which break down complex tasks into smaller, independent bits that can be processed by individual computers linked to a network. Our approach includes the virtualization of resources and the use of grid computing that supports computations across several administrative domains and speeds up the processing of complex tasks.

  • Mediocre data analytics

We help you create an ideal system including a standards-based architecture that allows for easy data transfer between various tools and layers. This would facilitate quicker data transfer and, as a result, improved data analysis. This analytics can also benefit industrial control systems, as well as IT and network monitoring.

  • Inefficient data storage architecture

We employ versatile and flexible cloud storage options to improve your IT infrastructure. Our cloud storage architecture can be easily optimized based on the application that is being deployed. It is also more dependable, effective, and capable of handling a wide range of applications and user needs. 

  • Lack of proper networks and connectivity

We enable the IP address which in turn allows the transfer of application services to new hardware. We also utilize intelligent wired and wireless network connections which assist networks in optimizing traffic delivery to reduce costs.

Other benefits of Caprium’s DevOps Services:

  • Improved response times to organizational shifts, changes, and other disruptions.
  • More agile processes resulting in dynamic measures.
  • Increased capacity planning at a lesser cost.
  • Decreased downtime for applications and systems.


The services we offer

1. Cloud-Native Services

Our wide range of cloud solutions guarantees a smooth and effective transfer to the cloud.

2. Service Integration & Management

We use our accelerators to design and create the perfect System Integration & Management model while integrating several vendors.

3. Next-Gen Network Services

We facilitate the transformation of businesses and strategic calibration of next-gen corporate networks.

4. Next-Gen Data Center Services

Our next-gen autonomous and coherent data centers contribute to creating unified experiences.

5. Digital Workplace Services

Revolutionize your workplace with our innovative digital solutions.

6. Cybersecurity & GRC Services

We combine market intelligence with best practice and regulatory programs to meet consumer needs.

7. Applications Operations

We bring together the traditionally contrasting apps and infrastructure environment to initiate dynamic changes in IT operations.

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