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Data is now what oil was in the last century. It is creating jobs, driving growth, and changing the world. Data has emerged as the fuel of the future. It is not driving the economy anymore, it has become the new economy. All kinds of things, from TVs to mobile phones, are becoming sources of data.

And as the need for data grew so did the demand for efficient storage of data. Thus, data warehouses were created. So data warehouses are the repositories and data warehousing (DW) is essentially gathering and managing data from various sources to provide useful meaning insights. A data warehouse is generally used for linking and analyzing business data from heterogeneous sources. However, the traditional data warehouses are struggling to meet the increasing scale and demands of growing companies. The demand for efficient data warehousing services has risen like never before. 

Caprium’s data warehousing services are the solution to this problem. Our DW solutions enable organizations to share and distribute colossal volumes of data to hundreds of users securely and efficiently. We empower our clients to effectively utilize data and to gain valuable business insights. We provide easy access to complicated data and make it easy to efficiently analyze and predict business outcomes.

We offer meaningful solutions that enable organizations to increase performance in business and improve decision-making with our deep domain expertise and extensive experience in data warehousing. With extensive expertise and knowledge in data warehousing, we can provide a comprehensive set of solutions for data warehousing, from data acquisition to data transformation, to ensure you stay up to date with the current trends in the world of data.

Let Us Manage Your Data Warehousing Needs

Caprium’s data warehousing services enable our customers to arrange data through complex business processes and to make good business decisions.

Our DW services offer benefits like:

  • Competition insights
  • Analytical insights
  • Smart integration of data
  • Ability to make quicker decisions
  • Overall visibility across all departments
  • Improved transparency in business process
  • Shorter response time

Our Data Warehouse Services

1. Profiling of Data

Our data profiling systems help you examine complex data from various sources and collect relevant information and stats so that you can confidently utilize the data.

2. Transformation of Data

We enable you to immediately transform more data into real-time choices by streamlining and automating the transformation of data.

3. Data Federation

We provide you a unified model of data by creating a virtual database that consolidates and stores data from various sources.

4. Data Integration

Our data integration services help you in reducing the costs of operation and improved data management which results in higher returns.

5. Data Management for Enterprises

Our enterprise data management solutions enable us to define, integrate, validate, manage and retrieve data for both your on-premise apps and external communication purposes.

6. Enterprise Data Strategy

We understand that the requirements of each organization are different so we modify our approach for a better understanding. After we understand and assess the needs, we provide our customers a strategic roadmap and tactical planning to follow. This guarantees that the results of the evaluation can be effectively leveraged to further develop their business.

7. Data Modeling

We collaborate with our customers to develop a comprehensive architecture roadmap based on industry standards, best practices, and current techniques. It is this roadmap and architectured structure that ensures the confidentiality of your company’s information because it uses a strong modeling approach that provides even the most dynamic environments with flexibility and consistency.

8. ETL Design & Development

We understand that each company encounters unique challenges in terms of data integration and management, so we offer services that facilitate data access and analysis. Our experts help you develop an ETL solution that efficiently utilizes your company’s data at minimum risk to achieve your business goals. We help you implement processes to manage your data more efficiently.

9. Cloud Data Warehousing

Our cloud data warehousing services utilize the benefits of on-demand computing like wide-ranging user access, unlimited storage, and increased computing capacity. Without any hidden cloud fees and lock-in, our approach allows fast, ad hoc analytics on a private or public cloud. It also allows you to use your data warehouse as an instance in your private cloud or as SaaS in AWS and Azure.

10. Data Quality 

We offer comprehensive data quality services that help our customers to keep transactional records accurate, reduce mistakes, and avoid the extra expenses associated with bad data.


Business Intelligence

In the modern age, simply starting and running a business is not enough. As the competition around you grows exponentially, you need to find ways to stay on top of the game or risk losing your business. This makes business intelligence an indispensable tool to run a business. It provides a way to analyze data to gain insight and understand business trends by organizing the effort needed to look for, merge and consult the data which in turn helps in making the best business decisions. In simple terms, if you have business intelligence, you get a complete overview of your company’s data and you can utilize it to transform your business, remove shortcomings, and adapt to changes in the market.

And if you need business intelligence, you need us because we understand how to utilize business intelligence to improve your business better than anyone else. For over a decade, we have helped businesses as the leading business intelligence service provider to streamline the flow of data, understand the operations better, and enable essential data-driven workflows through BI strategies, designs, and tools, and improvement of existing BI architectures. We deliver solutions that bring substantial benefits through end-to-end BI services.

Caprium is Your Trusted BI Services Partner

Businesses tend to outsource their BI services to Caprium as we are one of the most experienced and advanced BI services providers. Our BI team enables businesses to extract a strategic market value from multiple data sources like businesses, sensors, machines, and social data in this increasingly data-centric world. Our BI experts keep themselves updated with the latest trends, tools, and technology to provide data solutions to support businesses. 

We offer:

  • Highly competent and qualified industry experts
  • Over a decade worth of experience
  • Meticulous QA and testing
  • Seamless scaling and extension
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Adherence to standards and security protocols
  • Multi-channel growth
  • Improved scalability
  • Integration functions
  • Exhaustive domain knowledge

Our Business Intelligence Services

1. BI Consulting

We provide BI consulting services by mapping the unique workflows and data structures of the user with the technology analytics environment. Our services help businesses calculate and assess the factors influencing their market climate in their current intelligent system.

2. Development & Maintenance

We assist organizations in managing routine activities, carrying out daily maintenance testing, and introducing workload management software utilizing leading database technologies to maximize the performance of data warehouses and provide end-to-end design, development, deployment, and maintenance services for databases.

3. BI Analytics & Reporting

Our BI analytics and reporting services help effectively use data to boost productivity to cope with the ever-evolving market dynamics. Caprium’s BI reporting solution helps businesses by providing a crucial decision-making support framework for data mining and data analysis management.

4. Data Management

With advanced data integration and data master management, we enable organizations to integrate, process, and develop data with appropriate management and control. We use advanced data processing technology to collect and clean data, correct data defects, and solve dummy data problems.


Big Data

The volume of data has exponentially increased in most industries over the last decade. As the volume grew, so did the need for efficient analysis and utilization of data. This process and the large sets of data associated with it is called Big Data. 

The traditional ETLs, statistical models, and databases became incapable of handling the colossal volumes of data over the years. In addition to volume, the need for analytics for the types of data, data in real-time, and data quality has also become necessary. This led to the development of data engineering and platforms for big data.

Caprium offers its customers a broad portfolio of big data services, combining expertise in big data technology, high-end delivery experience, and a skilled team. Our big data services empower our clients to make faster and more informed decisions with our big data and business analytics strategy. Our big data services also help companies to enhance efficiency, reduce the total cost of ownership, and decrease the risk with business solutions.

Choose Caprium for Your Big Data Projects

With strong expertise in offering big data services, we are always willing to help you improve your corporate effectiveness and make better decisions to achieve your big data goals. We assist businesses to utilize full-scale big data solutions that result in:

  • Democratized data.
  • Data protection and detection of fraud.
  • Improved operational process control.
  • Better consumer experience.
  • Maximum ROI.
  • New opportunities for profit.
  • Prediction and forecasting.

Our Big Data Services

1. Big Data Strategic Consultation

We help customers to develop their big data strategy and choose the appropriate tools and processes for the achievement of strategic objectives. We offer recommendations that are customized to meet the client’s latest technological scene, preferences, and goals. We enable companies to create a well-defined modern architecture that makes their daily processes more efficient.

2. Infrastructure Implementation

We offer our customers the right infrastructure model while ensuring that big data technologies are deployed seamlessly. Our specialists simplify big data infrastructure integration and installation by removing the need to write and maintain Apache Hadoop code. We provide customized database connectors frameworks and accelerators to allow the transfer of data between different database systems and packaged business apps.

3. Big Data Maintenance

We have credible expertise in managing the complete lifecycle of big data implementation, starting from deployment to customer support. Our big data experts are skilled and experienced in the leading big data tools, technologies, and solutions that tackle all the components, such as data consumption, data delivery, and data management.

4. Big Data Analytics

We have the knowledge and the experience of working with a range of data analytics tools, such as Tableau, SAS, QlikView, and Azure ML, just to name a few, which make us stand out from other big data companies.

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