In a world motivated by different macro and micro financial pressures, business alertness and scalability are input factors for victory. CIOs are identifying that for any kind of organization, Cloud is the method to accomplish on-demand quickness and faultless scalability in operations. Our clients understand the perspectives of Cloud to get together their need for standardization and generalization of their IT footprint. The quicker an organization finds ease with Cloud technology, and begins to inventive, the earlier the repayment will be realized. Cloud acceptance is now further than testing – it has formed experimental and considerable ROI, and accelerated the velocity of modernization in the organization.

At Caprium, we connect with customers to holistically inspect their business requirements. Our Cloud IPs, possessions, solutions, and services are then customized to meet these necessities. We also aim at distributing the key Cloud profit of business quickness, scalability, and suppleness, in a tough and safe atmosphere.

Our Cloud services

Caprium Technology has assisted numerous ISVs in migrating to public, private and hybrid cloud by conducting in-depth architectural gap analysis and providing support for re-architecture and maintenance while adhering to various regulatory compliances.

Provide Virtual Desk

Desktop virtualization transforms customer computing by instantaneously providing desktops and applications to any machine. For customers, this means better mobility and superior productivity.

Intensifying Cloud ERP Horizons

Caprium has combined with many companies to offer the profits of Cloud and SaaS to our varied base of worldwide enterprise customers. Caprium is a planned Global Systems Integrator for many companies. The joint venture sets an innovative standard for cloud solutions proficiency that huge organizations across the globe can rely on to progress their business processes.

Use of Cloud Security

Deal with your IT security challenges at the same time while adopting Cloud computing with the aid of Caprium’s Cloud Trust security and declaration framework.

Use Of Click Loyalty

To facilitate the achievement of a loyalty program, it must be amplified by the correct tools and technology. With Caprium’s Click Loyalty resolution, you will be capable to understand the complete potential of your loyalty programs.

Use Of Cloud Command Center

Whether you make use of conventional virtualized environments, data centers, an on-premise personal Cloud, off-premise personal Cloud, or open Clouds, Caprium’s Cloud Command Center (CCC) offers the perfect platform to :

  • Provision
  • Configure
  • Monitor and manage your IT across several environments.
Use of Cloud Integration Services

For a faultless Cloud skill, Caprium’s Cloud Integration Services assists you to construct and realize a complete Cloud Integration strategy.

Board on your Social Enterprise journey with Caprium

To direct you during ’Social Enterprise’ journey, it is vital to have an associate who understands your trade, can assist change your processes, influence the correct technology mix up, and deliver it at all most favorable ROI.

Data Security Facility In The Cloud

Wrap all aspects of your IT security in the Cloud atmosphere with Caprium’s complete Cloud Security Solution Framework. Caprium offers security for the information stored in any Cloud environment.

Provide Integrated Care Management

Take pleasure in solid profit by rising optimistic outcomes, control expenses, decreases errors and omissions, ensuring improvements in superiority of care and safety of your patient with the aid of Caprium’s exclusive Integrated Care Management solution.

Engage Better By Means Of A Social-Ready Website

Facilitate your business users to construct the following with our Caprium expertise. They are :

  • Websites
  • Microsites
  • Mobile Sites
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Pages

Our Cloud Computing Offerings

Google App Engine
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services
IBM Smart Cloud Services
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Self Service Capability

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